How do I book an appointment with Circle Medical?

Booking an appointment is super easy! You can do it either via our webpage here, or by using the Circle Medical App! 

When in the app you can select the "Book Appointment" tab in the app followed by the type of appointment you're looking to attend. You'll be prompted to select the provider you wish to book with as well as the date and time that works best for you. Once that is completed you will be able to see all future appointments under the "Upcoming" tab of the "Appointments" section of the App.

Before attending your appointment, you want to make sure that your Account information is updated! Please have a valid Government Issued Photo ID scanned in, a Method of Payment added to your profile*, and your insurance card photos scanned and information entered. This can all be found under the Accounts section of the app!

*Please note that you're never charged before booking an appointment.