Birth Control

We can provide birth control counseling and management over video appointment. 

Our providers can help you choose the best birth control method for you. We can prescribe any of the following birth control methods: the pill, the patch, the shot, the ring, and emergency contraception.

We can also insert and remove Nexplanon implants at our clinics. We can remove IUDs but we do not insert them. If you would like an IUD inserted your provider will be able to refer you to a local OB/Gyn office. 

If you are interested in starting birth control or need a refill of your current prescription, book a video appointment

Appointment Costs

If you are insured with a healthcare insurance that we accept, your video visit will have a small copay ($25 on average per visit). 

If you are not insured or if you are insured with a healthcare insurance company that we don't accept, your video visit will cost $100. To see if we accept your healthcare insurance, book a video appointment and you will be prompted to enter in your insurance information if you have it.