STI / STD Testing

We can order STI (sexually transmitted infection) lab tests and prescribe medications for treatment over video appointment.

The standard STI panel includes: HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

We can also test for the following STIs based on individual symptoms and risk factors: hepatitis C, hepatitis B, trichomonas, and herpes. 

STI labs can be done at a lab near you and your results will be sent to you through the Circle Medical app, usually within 7 business days. If treatment is indicated, your provider will send a prescription to your selected pharmacy.

If you need STI testing or treatment, book a video appointment.

Appointment Costs

If you are insured with a healthcare insurance that we accept, your video visit will have a small copay ($25 on average per visit). 

If you are not insured or if you are insured with a healthcare insurance company that we don't accept, your video visit will cost $100. To see if we accept your healthcare insurance, book a video appointment and you will be prompted to enter in your insurance information if you have it.