What are Circle Medical's Mission & Values

Our mission is to create the technology that enables quality, delightful primary care for everyone on the planet.

We encourage applicants to ask themselves the following questions. We hire, fire and promote based on these values: 

1. Care Deeply for Patients - We create delightful moments that raise the bar for the patient experience.

  • What am I doing to create moments of delight for our patients?
  • When was the last time I put myself in the shoes of a patient?
  • When have I gone over and above expectations to help a patient?
  • What could we be better at if we anticipated the needs of our patients?

2. Be Honest and Transparent - We default to transparent as it helps our values and products spread faster.

  • When have I done the right thing even when nobody was looking?
  • How can we better empower our patients with information a traditional medical practice would not give them?
  • What is one thing our patients find mysterious and how can we shine a light on it?
  • Am I hoarding information that would be useful to others?
  • Do I give and receive feedback, even when it makes me feel uncomfortable? 
  • When was the last time I provided or sought out honest feedback?

3. Think Like an Owner - We are all owners with a stake in what we’re creating. We care about results, not effort. When confronted with problems, we seek solutions and not ways to place blame.

  • What OKRs do I own, and how do they contribute to the bottom line?
  • How do I put the company’s needs before mine?
  • What do we need to do to 10x the value of my Circle Medical stock?
  • What is the business impact of the work I’m doing or the projects I’m involved in?
  • If the expenses I am aware of were coming out of my personal bank account, what would I cutt?
  • If we were 30 days from bankruptcy, what would I do?
  • When new employees look at me, do they see a missionary or a mercenary?
  • Do I raise the performance bar for my team?
  • The last time I raised an issue, did I propose a solution?
  • What are the things I spend my time on that do not produce results?

4. Do More with Less - We always use less — words, features, code, money, people — where we can. We say no to good ideas so we can focus on doing fewer things well.

  • Can I use fewer words when communicating with patients?
  • How can we simplify our patient experience?
  • How can we be scrappier?
  • What product or feature should we kill and why?
  • How can we accomplish 80% of the goal with 20% of the time or cost?

5. Move uncomfortably fast - We move with urgency because it is the only way to make our vision a reality. We have a bias towards action, growth, and scale. If we’re not uncomfortable, we’re not moving fast enough.

  • How can I accomplish my goals in less time?
  • What is a manual process we should be automating?
  • What are the current bottlenecks to growth, and how can I help remove them?
  • Can I be making decisions with less data?
  • If I had a blank slate unencumbered by legacy processes, how would I design this differently?
  • Which clinical decisions would be best made by software?
  • How can we 10x the patient: provider ratio?
  • How can I take more risks or get outside my comfort zone?
NOTE: Patient and employee safety are always a priority. Move slow when there are legitimate safety concerns.

    6. Embrace Diversity and Be Curious A diverse team helps us see problems from different perspectives and leads to better solutions. When encountering a different idea, we’re curious and ask questions. We promote a kind and psychologically safe environment.

    • What are the ways in which my teammates’ skills complement my own?
    • What am I doing to help recruit more diverse candidates?
    • What knowledge or skills gaps do I have?